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information for vets:


Which horses do I refer?

How does physiotherapy help?

What treatments are used?

Competition/general riding horses, the older horse

Preventative physiotherapy/ maintenance of performance and treatment and rehab post injury

Conditioning, mobilisation of joints and soft tissue, liaising with trainers and riders.

Post surgery/ tendon injuries/  ligament strains, box rest

Maintain/ improve  muscle tone, flexibility & minimise scar tissue

Electrotherapy, stretches, mobilisation, rehabilitation

Back, neck or pelvic pain, nerve injuries, neurological problems and saddle related problems

Reduce pain and spasm, improves top line, flexibility and core  strength, proprioception, muscle strength

Soft tissue/ joint mobilisation, re-educate poor movement patterns, strengthening exercises, electro- therapy, liaise with the saddler

Muscle strains or tears, nerve injury, compensatory problems due to underlying lameness

Retrain appropriate muscle  pattern, symmetry and strengthen

Electrotherapy, soft tissue mobilisation and rehabilitation according to stage of healing

Degenerative joint conditions, developmental orthopaedic disease such as OCD

Stabilise joints, improve proprioception, maintain/improve range of movement

Owner education, electrotherapy, mobility/strengthening exercises, liaise with vets and farriers

Poor performance, inconsistency, poor propulsion, one sidedness, bucking, rearing, napping, head shaking

Improve symmetry through flexibility and strengthening programme, reduce pain/ spasm.

Joint, soft tissue work and exercise according to presenting issue, liaise with dentists, farriers, vets, trainers, saddlers




Which animals should I refer?

What treatments are used?

Rehabilitation following surgery such as joint replacement, ACL reconstruction, salvage procedures, fracture repair

Electrotherapy and soft tissue mobilisation to reduce pain and muscle spasm, regain range of movement,  power proprioception and function

Degenerative joint disease such as arthritis, dysplasia, OCD, developmental orthopaedic disease; Joint, muscular and spinal pain

Soft tissue and joint mobilisation, stretches, maximise range of movement and power, acupuncture, owner education

Muscle strains and tears; Tendon & ligament injuries

Electrotherapy, soft tissue mobilisation, stretches, proprioception, co-ordination, strengthening.

Neurological conditions such as spinal fractures, disc disease, FCE, CDRM, atlanto-axial subluxation

Neurological rehabilitation to reduce ataxia, re-educate correct movement patterns, strengthen, maximise function, owner education.

Canine sporting injuries such as greyhounds, agility dogs, working dogs 

Preventative and post injury physiotherapy, sport specific rehabilitation